Pens Win – Hossa Fail

June 13th, 2009

Congrats to the Pens on the Cup!  Detroit played a great series, but the Pens were able to pull it off on the end.  A great SCF, and both teams should be proud of what they did on the ice.

But, I think Marian Hossa just redefined the word fail.
He gets traded from the Sens, only to have them have their first Finals appearance ever.
He plays on the Penguins, and has them lose the Finals to the Wings.
He signs with the Wings, and they lose the Finals to the Pens.

So, in his dubious honor, I present a series of demotivational posters (some of which are variations on a theme).











Visual Studio 2005 for free?

June 1st, 2006

Apparently, giving away the Express versions of their development tools wasn’t enough for Microsoft. Now they’re giving away the Standard version of Visual Studio 2005, if you watch 3 webcasts.

This is great as far as I’m concerned, since I was looking at purchasing it anyway. I’ll take free over not free any day of the week.


July 31st, 2005

I am sad. Today I played my very last game for a team I’ve been with for over two years now. They even had a sub goalie in, since I didn’t know if I’d be able to show or not, and wanted to make sure that they got someone to play for them.

So I played D. It was kind of sad. On the bright side, we beat one of the best teams in the league, 6-3, and I was on the ice for only one of the goals against.

new toy!

July 24th, 2005

Got my brand new (well, refurbished) Rio Carbon yesterday, and have been having a grand ol’ time filling it up with songs.

I know that it’s cool to hate all the DRM stuff, and I can’t say that I like it in principle. But, the fact that for a couple of bucks (well about 15 of ‘em, really) per month, I can load up my portable player with about as much music as I care to makes it kind of okay in my book.

Goin’ down to Austin, gonna have myself a time

July 21st, 2005

Well it turns out that I’ll be joining our Austin office, working on CS Tools for SWG. I’m looking forward to it in a lot of ways… it’ll be great to be able to make a real difference (I hope!), and the cost of living is obviously much, much lower. Affording to live is GOOD!

But, it will be kind of weird. I’ve lived in SoCal for 15 years now. Even the move to SD was done after I had already worked here for a year and a half, so I already had ‘settled’ into the area. This will be the first move I’ve done in a decade and a half where I’ll actually be going someplace totally new, someplace where I’m not established at all.

I’ll also most likely end up in a house, which will be great having been an apartment dweller for the past 4 years or so. Even before, in OC, I was able to always manage to live in a house, even if I ended up with multiple roommates.

So, now it’s just time to get everything ready and organize as much as I can before the trip.

New CBA for the NHL

July 21st, 2005

So, the lockout has ended. Woo, and all that.

Of course, there’s the usual misinformation and lack of understanding floating around there. The owners got themselves into this position, why should the players have to pay to get them out, and all that.

Here, lemme sum up the whole lockout in a very, very brief paragraph:

Owners: “Hey, we’re losing money. We’re not going to keep losing money, this is stupid.”
Players: “Don’t lie to us, we know you’re not losing money.”
Owners: “No, really, we’re losing money. We’ll lose less money just cancelling the season, so if that’s the road you guys wanna go down, we’re ready.”
Players: “You’re bluffing. You’re making money hand over fist, and can afford to pay us whatever we want to be paid.”
Owners: “Okay, no season then.”
Players: “Oh…. I guess you weren’t bluffing.”

No, really, that’s pretty much the story. And the players pretty much screwed themselves. Not with their current CBA… really, you can’t complain about an agreement that gives them 54% of all revenue. They screwed themselves by letting the season get cancelled. That means less revenue, and *that* means less money to the players.

And the timing of the deal isn’t surprising either. If this was a poker game, then cancelling the season was showing the straight flush. You see that, you fold.

The biggest mistake the players made was letting the season cancel in the first place. Once the owners should their resolve to cancel the season, they should have given in. Right then and there. The only reason they didn’t is they wanted more money. More, more, more.

Even worse, the money would have come primarily from a small fraction of players. Even the current 24% rollback hurts the highest paid players the worst. Going from $5M to $4M is a million lost.

But even that doesn’t make sense. A guy making $10M a year would see a $2.5M a year adjustment down. How many players making that kind of salary have any guarantee they’ll still be playing long enough to make up for the loss of a year’s salary? Not many, I’d bet.

And it doesn’t make sense for the lower players, either. I mean, if you’re a half-mil guy, you probably don’t have a long career ahead of you anyway. Get while the getting’s good, before some young kids come up and take your spot from you.

So, let’s see. Who stands to gain from the overall money paid to players, that will most likely be in the business in 10 years. Hrm…….. player agents, perhaps?